Betty Sargent

Betty keeps her camera with her all the time and photographs what she sees. Photography gives Betty a chance to show how the city changes, in case it is forgotten. Her new series of photographs is of shadows in puddles and of her own reflection. Recently, Betty has been taking photographs using mirrors to see what is behind her. Betty fills in parts of her photographs with coloured paper and coloured cotton to create something new.


  • Images of Bristol, solo exhibition (winner of Millennium Award), Watershed, Bristol
  • Group exhibition with art + power, Grant Bradley, Bristol, 2008
  • Open Studio, Spike Island, 2007-2009
  • Group installation, Portents, Bristol, 2010
  • Solo exhibition at Room 212, Bristol Festival of Photography, Bristol, 2010
  • Group exhibition with art + power, The Parlour Showrooms, 2012
  • Group exhibition, Wecil, Bristol, 2015.




  • Conceptual dance performance, Dance Aware, ICIA, Bath, 2008
  • Published work in ‘We Made Us Do It’ creative writing anthology, art + power, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Timelines project, Knowle West Media Centre, 2009
  • Identity sculpture project at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, 2009
  • Performed her poetry at the Bristol Poetry Festival, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2009
  • Conceptual dance performance Dance Aware, Salisbury Arts Centre, 2010
  • Led a creative writing workshop for Bristol Festival of Literature, 2013
  • Photographer for Creative Minds Conference in 2014.