Madrid, Spain

Debajo del Sombrero has no locale of its own. Its activities and programs are immersed in relevant cultural institutions in Madrid.

Since our foundation in 2007, Debajo del Sombrero has existed to provide a platform for people with learning disabilities to be involved in and have access to artistic and cultural activities. We have different programmes around Madrid that focus on the integration of special needs groups in the contemporary scene of art training, production and consumption. It is devoted to make visible the diversity of artistic expression and explore innovative ways of combining the skills of artists with and without disabilities.

Essential for Debajo del Sombrero is the way we have achieved to become a part of the mainstream scene of the arts and cultural life in Madrid. We have programmes at the University of Fine Arts and the 2 contemporary cultural centers, Matadero and La Casa Encendida.

Debajo del Sombrero seeks to be the vehicle for communication taking into account the unique modes and manners of learning and creating. Its activities take place in loosely related institutions that are embedded within the culture even while we still maintain our own rules. We seek a mainstreaming of our artists and the avoidance of such labels as “outsiders” or “them” that would apply to something perceived as an “alternative,” the result of disruption and separation, instead of in union with this culture.

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