Rosaleen talking about her studio work in Crawford college of Art and Design

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    Discussion with Rosaleen about GASP’s Studio work in Art college.
    It’s harder to do work in the centre. The room is small. I like the big room that we have in the college. When I’m there I would like to stay for the whole day there but my mum reminds me that I need to come home. I forget if I had a bad day when I’m working. After I sit down for five minutes I put out my paint and i start getting going and I feel great. The people working with us are very understanding and nice. WHen I heard the work COllege I thought “i’m going to college”. Since I went there I can think a lot. I can look at lots of things. I got off the bus on day and I looked at grand parade at three building and the car park, I went into the studio and could draw it no problem. When I go back to the bus I look at the buildings again and think…thats my picture.
    In the centre its too busy and too many people so I cant think so well. I can focus a lot on my work when i am in the college.

    I am involved in an advocacy workshop, we go to Cork institute of Technology and we got certificates for our work and it felt very good. I do the programme in the centre in Montenotte and we went to CIT for the certificates.

    About getting a qualification for my art. I would love it. Last year there was a meeting in UCC for people to go to college. There were lots of different subjects. I went with some of my friends and My friend got in. My mum thought it could be too much pressure, but the art makes me feel like I am doing something that’s good for me. I enjoy doing other things readings, crochet, but if I have nothing to do at home I would get my paints out to work. I like to focus on the art.

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    Katie’s comments:
    I go to the college every wednesday and thursday. I get the taxi with john. I do art in parkview on Friday.

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