What do we mean by Inclusion?

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    The idea of inclusion goes around the way of how a person lives, and this idea is already risky. The future of a person’s life is always risky, more if the idea is never certain or sure.

    To decide under the name of the other, means that our life will perturb us from our contact, and so its direction is conducted without knowing or expected from us, and also if we are not being asked and our silence is not contemplated. When this situation is happening, then the risk is to be anonymous, not to be recognised when deciding, no matter how good it could be.

    We don’t always have access to decide about our lives, and it doesn’t mean its reality and its truth are denied. The fact that I live my life it becomes mine. It is then, the reality and the truth more than any judgment, what runs the risk of life being lost and forgotten under the argument of any decision taken under the life of the other.

    Why I am saying so??….because concerning people with intellectual disabilities is questionable that they are real in their lives, and this is the argument which is based Debajo del Sombrero work. Each artist, each human being is authentic on who he is and how he is.. We all have the feeling that there is a discredit towards their lives because they are not conscience lives. The conscious is the argument to be set to deny the truth, the reality, the authenticity of their lives. That is why they have to be legalize from the outside with work, social inclusion, leisure time, etc…, meaning they have to give them the letter saying they don’t have anything for themselves. And this is FALSE.

    On the other hand, what ones expects in time, slowly it will come, in a certain form, from an own horizon, only being created and not done. This could be the radical distinction: the creation of this own horizon, where life wraps its truth and lives the reality. Creation half passive and half active, where life deeply breaths, and not in an artificial field, done or planning beforehand.

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    Oxford dictionary definitions of inclusion to stimulate discussion.

    The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure:

    Not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something:

    Comprise or contain as part of a whole:
    Make part of a whole or set:
    Allow (someone) to share in an activity or privilege:


    Early 17th century: from Latin inclusio(n-), from includere ‘shut in’.

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    Karolina poplawski

    Just like MariSol said ,,each artist, each human being is authentic on who he is and how he is,,. If this unique life with his original art is getting introduce to so they call ,,mainstream,, art space, if it’s getting known by wider audience and become recognizable, then, I think this expanding reality of their life, of their work leads to inclusion

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