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    Jessica: What do you think inclusion means?
    Rosaleen: I don’t know…
    Jessica: did you talk about it in your advocacy programme?
    Rosaleen: No….Do you mean like including people?
    Jessica: Do you think including people is an important theme?
    Rosaleen: Yes
    JEssica: Why?
    Rosaleen: I don’t think I was included in years past
    Jessica: How come?
    Rosaleen: I had no confidence I had no voice, I had bullies for friends. I went a lot on my own and talked to know one. Now sometimes I’m included but not much.
    Jessica: What makes you feel included?
    I feel included when people are talking to me and can understand me and i can sometimes understand them.
    Jessica: How would your life look now if you were to feel really included.
    Rosaleen: I would talk more to other people. When I’m doing my art sometimes i keep to myself. Sometimes i like that and sometimes I want to be with people. I like to be with my friends. I have a best friend and we communicate in sign language together. I also get on very well with Yvonne in the GASP programme since I had time with her in Madrid. We can use signs together. When my hearing was going I was watching the news with signs. I saw someone signing in a train station and it clicked with me so I went to signing classes with my friend.
    I really want to keep the sign language open.
    Jessica: Is there anything about the GASP art studio that enables you to feel like you are doing what you want to do.
    Rosaleen: I think I am improving all the time. I enjoy travelling with people Its something I always wanted to do and the art might help me get the places I want to go. I got to go to Madrid and we have been in Cobh and Dublin and now we are going to Bristol. I hope the future will bring more travels. I have learnt to draw new things and I have more knowledge now than i ever had about how to do things

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