Jeff Johns

Jeff views himself as a creative outsider. His work is introspective as he tries to work out how he feels and deal with difficulties. His work is predominantly text and performance based. Jeff is a performance poet and draw images with words. For him, his work is a cathartic process and it can be emotional, angry and passionate.


  • Group exhibition with art + power, Grant Bradley, Bristol, 2008
  • Open Studio, Spike Island, 2007-2009
  • Group installation, Portents, Bristol, 2010
  • Group exhibition with art + power, The Parlour Showrooms, 2012
  • Group exhibition, Wecil, Bristol, 2015.


  • Conceptual dance performance, Dance Aware, ICIA, Bath, 2008
  • Performance, Vassal Centre, Bristol, 2008
  • Published work in ‘We Made Us Do It’ creative writing anthology, art + power, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Timelines project, Knowle West Media Centre, 2009
  • Identity sculpture project at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, 2009
  • Performed his poetry at the Bristol Poetry Festival, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2009
  • Conceptual dance performance, Dance Aware, Salisbury Arts Centre, 2010
  • Led a creative writing workshop for Bristol Festival of Literature, 2013
  • Leads Letter Writing Project and Creative Guide to Bristol, art + power, 2015.