John Keating

The predominant theme in John’s work is portraiture. He is inspired to draw the people who belong to the worlds of fashion and sport and by exploring forms of media. He uses an eclectic mix of materials to create the portraits and shows a commitment to the quality of his line, sometimes strong intensive overlaid etched lines and other times dispersed soft lines. His drawings and prints are very popular and he has made a significant number of sales of his work.


Dry Point Etching, Ink, Water colour paints, charcoal, coffee, juice.

Summary of projects/Exhibitions:

Paul Barwell Gallery of Contemporary Art, Medellín, Colombia

Crawford Gallery, City Hall

Peoples Museum Fitzgerald Park

Cork Coffee Roasters, Cork

Millennium Hall Cork

Quay Co-op, Cork

C.I.T. Crawford College of Art and Design

Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh

The Vision Centre, Cork

“The Examiner” (Newspaper) Office, Cork


John has participated in a European funded Youth in Action Programme about creative initiative and community engagement in 2013/14. In 2015 he is participating in a Transnational Youth Initiative, Infusion Art Cafes.