Rosaleen Moore

Rosaleen is inspired by her home city of Cork. After walking through the city, examining the buildings and seeking out things to paint, she returns to studio and composes her pieces from memory. Experimenting with colour mixing is a very important part of Rosaleen’s process. She makes Cork City look like a magical place, enhancing it with vibrant colours and the additional details from her imagination. Her composition and placement of elements is unique,  buildings can be turned inside out, and people can float on land or in the sky creating beautiful composition.

Media used:

Acrylic Paint on canvas paper and board

Summary of projects/Exhibitions:

Paul Bardwell Gallery of Contemporary Art, Medellín, Colombia

Crawford Gallery, City Hall,

Peoples Museum Fitzgerald Park,

Millennium Hall Cork,

Quay Co-op, Cork

C.I.T. Crawford College of Art and Design

Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh.

The Vision Centre, Cork